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Hello my dearest friends, followers and readers, Today I thought I would tell
you about my great results with the Nutri-Bullet in losing weight. I couldn't afford to
join one of those fancy programs like that of weight watcher or many others that
are out there. And I needed something easy and free program to loss weight.
So my husband said to me lets try the Nutri-Bullet and we did last summer. It hasn't
been easy but I must say I do feel much better. I was a tiny little thing always in small
shirts and small jeans size 6 dress but that was a very long time ago. I weight 110 too.
Yes, my dears I am being very honest with you all. Well its because I want to be able to
do this and if I can help any of you to that would be great too.
It has gotten to the point that I had to put all my clothes away. And get new much bigger
clothes that I have only ever done that was when I was pregnant 16 years ago.. I even had
 to get clothes that were even bigger than when I was pregnant, sorry no size to tell. Not going to
get that truthful. Maybe after I loss all the weight?
So I started last year around August 2015 and haven't stopped. At some point if I feel very good at the time I might show you all a before and after photo of me. but I can't make any promises.
As of now I have lost 35 pounds to date of April 2016. Although when I started this journey I didn't
realize that I was as heavy as I was. Why you might ask? Well, a couple of months ago
I had a bad panic attack and had to go to the ER. When you are there they want to know your weight
and I didn't know it. My husband has been keeping it in a log for me. I don't like looking at
it till I am at my happy weight. So I looked at my husband and he told them 146 and I was very sad. but after that he took me aside and said, that I have done very well, considering what I weigh before. And after I felt better I did the math and I did feel a tiny better and had no idea that I had bloomed to 176 pounds yuck! but I lost 35pound to 146 YEAH! so I have only 31 pounds to go!
It hasn't been easy but I would try this because it does work. And its health for you too. As for me I would make just the shakes with fruit and fresh and frozen Vegatables.  I would uaually have one for breakfast another for lunch.My husband has been keeping it in a log for me. I don't like looking at
it till I am at my happy weight. So I looked at my husband and he told them 146 and I was very sad. but after that he took me aside and said, that I have done very well, considering what I weigh before. And after I felt better I did the math and I did feel a tiny better and had no idea that I had bloomed to 176 pounds yuck! but I lost 35pound to 146 YEAH! so I have only 31 pounds to go!
It hasn't been easy but I would try this because it does work. And its health for you too. As for me I would make just the shakes with fruit and fresh and frozen Vegatables.  I would uaually have one for breakfast another for lunch.
I would put either fresh spinch broccil or any green vegetable, dry oatmeal, either a frozen banana or non-banana , frozen berries-blueberries mix and plain yogart is optional and ice if you want it thick shake. This will fill me up for the morning and lunch And it really works.
As for other foods that I kinda gave-up my coffee no way! I have to have my creamer I just measure it 1tablespoon of my favorite creamer. I have no deserts or surgar and no food after 7pm.
I hope these ideas and my results help even 1 person. Besides
I know weight loss is the hardest thing
for all of us to do at any age.
I have left a link for recipes for you all to try.
Love you all very much
Your friend always

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Good afternoon my dears I thought you might find this to be a interesting article of different
items found deep in out oceans. I found this one on many of  my favorite web search. I hope you like this article and the photos that I include too. 
Lost City
of Heracleion
In the Lost City of Heracleion it was five years, for famed archaeologist Frank Goddio who search the oceans depths for 5years+ for the lost Egyptian City. It was such an epic journey that he almost gave-up until he practically stumbled upon the ruins by accident. That must of been a grand day for Frank being an archaeologist of the sea.

The Ghost
Imagine diving and coming across this eerie underwater graveyard, of an entire 'Ghost Fleet' if you will, of grave site deep underwater with over 40 vehicles that were bombed down into the depth of the ocean near Chuuk Lagoon. It is basically a grave site of World War 2 ear Grave.

Sculpture Park
This one is one of my favorites, why? well its is just so beautiful. Also how was it done? And was these Sculptures at one time hundreds or even thousands of years ago on land? which gives the question that we probably had a Ice age millions of years ago and this is the result. Now it is the opposite and one day these beautiful Sculptures will be to deep in the sea for us to get to. When all the Ice does indeed melt. These Sculptures are in the warmer climates of the Caribbean   Waters of Cancun, Mexico, which    

                                                                                                  offers this unique attraction for divers
                                                                                                   where they can see over 500 life-like
MS Zenobia-
In this underwater find, we go to the bottom of Larnaca Bay in Cyprus in 1980s where a 10,000 ton ferry sank to the bottom of the ocean and it still rests there to day.

The Underwater River-
Here we are going to an Underwater River that only a Skilled diver can access too! If you try to do this without the skills you probably will never come out of the underwater river alive or be seen again the stories have been told about this mysteries place. It is also known as 'Cenote Angelita Cave'. You may ask why? Well, Its because the trees and plants which appear to grow out of the river, is actually just an optical illusion which is caused by a cloud of hydrogen sulfide interacting with the saltwater. You see there is two different types of water in the underwater river fresh water and salt water and you have to know how to work you diving tanks for you breathing to get out alive
USS Oriskany-
The USS Oriskany was the aircraft carrier which saw many years of warfare through both wars of
Korean and Viet Nam Wars before finally being sunk to the bottom of the sea. It's now a part of the world's largest artificial coral reef.

Train Graveyard
In 1985, an archaeologist had discovered a 'Train Graveyard' off the coast of New Jersey,
with locomotives and train cars dating back to the 1850s. Not surprised that New Jersey would
waste them.

Yonaguni Monument-
This find was discovered off the coast of Japan. When I first saw it on the History Channel, I was truly amazed by the size of the Monument and the fact that it only a few miles off the coast of japan. As you can see that the massive stone structure is to believed to be over 5,000 years old. Also the enormous stone structure looks like it was man made so there are lots of questions about the Yonaguni Monument. But it is a very dangers place to check-out because of the strong tides.
SS President Coolidge
The large ship saw its seafaring days end after succumbing
to a series of underwater mines.

The Titanic-
Well, you know about this one my dears, but this is a different view of the ship that sunk about 2,000+feet in Alantic ocean.

Ancient Chinese City-
In the Ancient Chinese City of Qiandao Lake is the home of this 'Ancient City',
which really isn't ancient at all since the city was purposely submerged by a construction company.

SS Thistlegorm-
The British merchant ship was sunk in WW2 in the Red Sea and contains everything from vehicles
and motorcycles, to ammunition and other type of weaponry.


Manganese Balls

Taking a break from sunken treasures, these naturally occurring manganese balls have kept scientists stumped for decades. No one quite knows how or why they even formed, but they can just millimeters wide to watermelon-sized.

Irish Silver-
Researches in Ireland discovered this huge 61 ton haul of World War ll-era silver off the coast
of Ireland nestled in a British cargo ship.SCORE!

The Antikythera Mechanism-
They discovered the Antikythera Mechanism in the early 1900's is an ancient analog 'Computer'
that was used to predict the movement of the moon and stars that dates back to somewhere between
100 and 204 BCE.

Apollo ll Rockets-
Once they thought lost to the ocean, the rockets were discovered using sonar technology in the
Atlantic ocean, led by a team of researchers funded by Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. They found
the Amazing Apollo 11 Rockets

This Canadian schooner sunk in 1867, then the entire Big Tub Harbour sunk
in 1885. It's only 10 feet underwater, so even the divers can go searching in its 100+
old corridors.

Well, Blackbeards Cannons, kinda cool if you think about it sadly it isn't his Cannons, and it isn't his ship. Blackbeard ship was the Queen Anne's Revenge and that is the last ship he had before he was capture. He sunk it off the coast of North Carolina, with the millions of pounds of treasures artifacts and this cannon weighing over 3,000 lbs.

For thousands of years, a legend persisted of an ancient merchant vessel that  sunk with jewels and
pottery in the Mediterranean. Finally, in 2014, divers off the coast of Malta found the ancient Phoenician shipwreak with many of the old pots and golden treasures still intact.

Stonehenge-Lake Michigan
Ok, it's not the sea, but we had to include Lake Michigan's 'Stonehenge,' this prehistoric rock'
formation that contains engravings of a mastodon




Good afternoon my dearest friends, followers, supporters and readers too. I went to the used book store the other day and found another grand book of info of urban legends for you all. I have found that you all seem to enjoy the interesting tales. For today, I have a simple and short tale called 'THE CAN OF SNAKES'.
Two fishermen were walking along a stream and happen to pass a little boy who was fishing with a pole, hook, line and bobber; he had a tin can of worms next to him. The two men asked the young boy, 'How are they biting today? The little boy replies, 'The fish aren't biting that much, but my can of worms sure are!"
The two men chuckle at the little boy's statement and thought it was an odd answer. After watching the boy for a while the continued down the scenic path by the steam. The next day, the two men returned later on in the day, to the same spot by stream to see if the little boy was back fishing. When they got closer to the spot on the stream, to their horror, they found the same little boy laying down in the water bank. He seemed to have been dead all night. Right beside the boy, was his tin can of worms, his pole, hooks, line and bobber too! However, there was no fish caught in  the pail for fish. But inside the Tin Can of worms was no worms, it was actually full of baby rattlesnakes, copperheads and water moccasins too! So sadly the boy had been bitten to death.
Although more of a rural than an urban legend in its settings 'The Can of Snakes' continues to be told in contemporary contexts. The story is related to other Folklore and Urban  Legends like, 'Bed of Snakes' which has circulated especially in the south and Midwest and more often involving  swimmers and water skiers rather than fishermen. I hope that you find the Urban Legend to be interesting. I have never heard of 'Bed of Snakes' I might have to have to look that one up.
Love you all very much
Your friend always

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Real Fairy Story-

'A Real Fairy Story'
by Cynthia & Big Sister 
             Yesterday, I posted about how, the path my pumpkin plant and the stone border seemed to make a path, leading down to the bottom of the garden and I said that maybe it led to the fairies that lived there. Danielle, from a work in progress commented that in the US they don't have tradition of fairies. Perhaps this is my own ignorance showing, but I don't think it had occurred to me that the fairies hadn't made it across the Atlantic!
So, I though I'd give you my only real fairy story , as it happened to me. While my husband was still my fiancee, we took a trip up to the isle of Skye.
He had worked there for a while, and I had never been, so we booked into the local youth hostel, hired a car and drove up for a weekend. As we drove, we planned out all the things we wanted to do when we got there, and one of the things that he mentioned was that he wanted me to see the
Fairy Glen at Uig.
I'd never heard of it, but I was keen to go and check it out! So, on the
second day of our sojourn, we
traveled up from Kyleakin to Uig to check out the Fairy Glen.
It really is an amazing place; these strange steep-sided hill are scattered haphazardly throughout the glen, with crystal clear pools of water
glistening in the small valleys. It feels like you've wondered out of the 'real' world of traffic, technology and crowds and into this sphere of calm, where the silence is so complete that you could be swimming underwater.
Over dinner that evening, we decided that we would go back to the Fairy Glen under the cover of darkness and see if we could spot any of the 'little people'.
I think we both knew that it was silly, but it can be such fun to suspend the soul -crushing disbelief in which so many live their day to day lives.
Anyway, we headed out to the Fairy Glen and it was so dark. I don't think I fully
appreciated just how
dark , it was until the car headlights were turned off and we began walking of and we began walking between the Fairy Hills and passed the Fairy pools. Pretty soon that darkness became
that velvety blackness where you can't see your hand in front of your face and you have to keep blinking your eyes just to
check that you still have them open.
The silence was the only disturbed by our own footfalls and when we stopped there was no noise at all. Deprived of two senses, I started to feel a small flutter of panic. I'm a city girl at heart. And so being outside in the dark was completely unfamiliar to me. Really in the world which I live in, there is no real darkness, no real silence. My heart started to speed up, my eyes kept straining to see some light, my ears to hear so sound.
NOTHING... And then, somewhere about 20 feet to our left' someone coughed. I don't think my body had ever experienced such a rush of adrenalin, either then or since and holding hands my fiancee and I ran blindly back towards the direction of the car. Throwing ourselves into the car and locking the doors, we both looked at each other and started to laugh. Great belly laughs which seemed to shake our entire beings and made our eyes weep. We sat for a while, until we reined our giggles in and then we sat a while longer waiting to see if anyone
would follow us out of the Glen.
There were no Cars Parked there but ours and no one showed up, so eventually we started the drive back to the hostel.
Now, I don't know if it was the fairies playing tricks on us or someone out on a quite stroll [ Mind you – in the pitch Black?],
but I do know that
I've never ran so fast or laughed so hard as I did when I visited Fairy Glen.
Love you all- Your Wendy
And Cynthia From her blog
with love 

¸¸.☆♥(◡‿◡)♥✫¨´`'*°☆.❥•♪♫. (: ♥(◡‿◡)♥i 
٠•●c Celibate life♥´Magic Surrounds Us ƸӜƷ ♪♫♪♫♪❤❤
ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.•´ ... ☾ ❤❤☼ღ(◕‿◕
) ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ƸӜƷ•❤❤❤☼ღ(◕‿◕)¸.•*""*•.¸

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Fairy Friend-A poem written by Cynthia my dear Friend!

A Fairy Friend-
Tiny fairy light dancing in the woods

They flutter and dance every
where around and round me,

Enticing me to dance sing
with them a merry little tune.
And I will prance and dance a
merry little dance with them,
Under the star filled sky silvery
moon above.

Whilst a little green fairy
whistles her merry little tune

in tempo with the singing
of the many colored fairies.

sitting upon the branches
above me casting their spells

of merriment and joy upon all
within the magical forest,

filled with sparkly fairy dust.

Together we dance the night
in merriment and joy.
Dancing dancing about until we've spent

Then we sit and slip the magic
elixir of fairy tea,
We eat of the sweetness of fairy scones,
and laugh blissfully.

Oh, little fairy, dance and sing
with me til dawn,

Where the birds will twitter
and squirrels chirp.

Joy and magic fills the morning air
of the new day

So, when a fun and spiritedly little fairy
comes to play,

I hope you have a fairy friend. 

A poem written by my 
Dear Friend
My dearest sister/friend that
has been part of my life for over
10+years I thought you all would
like to see a few of her beautiful works
I have many others when
I am able to get my word to work.
but for now here is my dearest sis
and please send out prays to her too.
I love you dearest sis
always will forever
with our Rainbow stew
Your wendy


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